Amphibians vs Reptiles

Reptile? Or amphibian?

Telling the difference.

For most people, these animals are pretty much the same. But for those who understand and appreciate these animals more deeply, they not only understand what separates them, but also appreciate why reptiles and amphibians make such great pets. To gain more of an appreciation for these amazing creatures, here’s a quick primer on the differences and what makes each one so unique.




Definition Amphibian means “living double lives” on water and land.  Reptile means “creeping stealthily under cover of darkness.”
Skin Smooth, moist and sometimes sticky, with mucous glands. Scaly, dry
Breathing Gills and lungs Lungs
Reproduction Lay soft eggs, usually in water or damp places. Lay hard, leathery eggs on land, or they keep their eggs inside their bodies until they hatch.
Metamorphosis Yes, breathing water through gills until developing lungs. No
Defense Secrete toxic poisons; can also bite; do not have claws. Use claws, tail-whipping and biting.

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