Pond Building Step 7 - How to Make a Pond Fountain or Spitter

Fountains and spitters add visual interest, soothing sounds and needed oxygen to your pond.

Pond Fountain Set

Create an easy fountain with our Complete Fountain Set. Fits all Tetra and TetraPond WGP pumps. This set is included in the Filtration kits FK3, FK5, FK6, MPK, CFK250, CFK500, and CFK1000.

Adding Spitters

These decorative pond-side spitters come in several different styles. Connect the Tetra spitter using either ½ in. or ¾ in. ID (internal diameter) tubing. You can also connect directly to the pump outlet. 

Step Eight: Connecting your pond  equipment

TetraPond Pond Sticks – Pond fish nutrition for energy, longevity & health.
TetraPond In-Pond Skimmer skims debris before it sinks.
TetraPond submersible pond light set – Create dramatic lighting effects.