Complete LED Aquarium Kit - 10 gallon

Product No. NV33143
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LED Aquarium Kit includes the following:

• Glass Aquarium. Built to last. Scratch Resistant. Made in the USA.
• LED Hoods. Energy saving LEDs that create a natural shimmer effect. No bulbs to replace. Saves money and environmentally-conscious. Low-profile, black hood design for sleek appearance. Feeding hole. Hinges for easy access during maintenance.
• Whisper® Filtration System. Multi-Density Floss removes particles. Activated Carbon eliminates odors, discoloration and toxins. Bio-Foam® removes toxic ammonia and nitrates. 10 gallon kit contains the PF-10.
• Aquarium Heater & Thermometer. Maintains water temperature.
• Fish net
• Product Samples: TetraMin® tropical fish food and AquaSafe® water conditioner

• Set up and care guides