LED Betta Tank Kit - 1 Gallon

For an small aquarium that really stands out, try out our LED Betta Fish Tank Kit!
  • For an small aquarium that really stands out, try out our LED Betta Fish Tank Kit!
  • LED Betta Tank Kit
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Clear plastic trapezoid-shaped tank with clear plastic canopy and feeding hole. The black LED base light illuminates from below. On/off switch. Holds 1 gallon. Requires four AA batteries (not included.) Mini USB cable compatible as well (adapter not included.) 9" wide x 8" high x 7" deep.

Responsible Fishkeeping
Aquariums are fun, relaxing, rewarding, therapeutic and educational. As manufacturers and fishkeepers ourselves, we take great pride in making top quality products while helping educate our fellow fishkeepers to ensure they are successful, and their fish are healthy and happy. The general rule for tank size is one inch of fish per gallon. However other factors should be considered, such as: 

  • How large will the fish be as an adult?
  • Is it species that is active and needs larger space? Or is it a solitary fish?
  • Is it a schooling fish that needs to be in groups of five or more?
  • Is it a fish that produces a lot of waste?
  • Is it a species that is aggressive, does best with others of the same species type, or is it a more peaceful type that would be a good fit in a community tank?
Small aquariums are a great way to get started in the freshwater hobby, and with any new hobby involving   living creatures, it is always best to learn as much as you can. And when buying fish, ask your retailer for guidance in choosing the right fish for your size aquarium. 

This aquarium is appropriate for keeping one Betta.
While Tetra® brand takes pride in producing quality products, it is important to understand these freshwater starter aquariums offered by Tetra are not suitable for keeping saltwater fish. Saltwater aquariums require more advanced types of filtration, larger sized aquariums for most marine species, an understanding of saltwater chemistry, and special feeding and care regimens. We encourage our customers to learn more about all aspects of fishkeeping by visiting the links below, joining our Facebook pages, signing up for TetraCare.com, or calling our customer service at 800-526-0650.

USB Information:
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  • The connection can be easily identified by its black-colored receptacle and compact 5 pin design.
  • Consumers can purchase a Micro USB B cable with wall adapter to plug the unit into an outlet. Or consumers can purchase a Micro USB B cable that plugs into a computer or other USB device.