Betta Backgrounds for aquariums

Download and print free backgrounds to change the look of your Betta Cube kit.  Scroll through the designs below - it's easy to print your favorites and slip into the background holder on your kit.  


  1. Choose a design that you like.
  2. Click on the image to download a larger, printable file
  3. Print on a color printer and cut out the image
  4. Remove your background holder and background.
  5. Position your new background evenly over the back of your Betta Cube, centered from left to right and even with the top edge of the cube.  The background will wrap slightly around both sides.
  6. Slide the background holder over the new background and enjoy your new look!

Tip:  For an even more dramatic change, consider replacing the gravel in your kit with a fun color or shape that matches your new background.



White Grass




Rain Drop


Blue Aurora


Sand Aurora