Other Frequently Asked Pond and Water Garden Questions

Q. What about West Nile virus—will a pond create a problem?

The pond will not create a problem. Mosquitoes create the problem. Moving water and fish will ensure mosquitoes will not inhabit your pond. Mosquito larvae are a tasty snack for pond fish.

Q. Why is my pond losing water?

There are a number of reasons your pond may be losing water. If you experience unusual water loss, check these points:
  • There is a low-spot in or around your pond edge.
  • The liner has shifted. Inspect around the water’s edge to see if water is flowing outside of the liner. Also look for wet spots outside the pond around the periphery.
  • There is a hole in the liner around the water’s edge that will need to be patched.
  • If your pond constantly loses water, you should check the following:
  • Fountain problems: If a fountain head spray is too close to the edge of the pond, high winds can blow the airborne water spray outside the pond.
  • Waterfall or stream problems: If the liner under the waterfall is misaligned, water may flow from the edges.
  • Make sure there are no leaks in hose or pipe connections to or from the pump, valves, filters or UV clarifiers.

Do you have a leak on the sides or bottom of pond liner? Be sure to check out and eliminate all of the problems listed above before you start looking for leaks at the bottom of the pond. These leaks are the hardest to find and the most difficult to fix. If you are uncertain where the leak is located and the water level is dropping, check the level regularly until you see it has stopped dropping. 

Leaks can be frustrating, especially in a larger pond. If you’ve been noticing a drop in water level and nothing obvious is the culprit (like a tree branch sticking out of the water), we recommend checking all of your pond hoses and fittings first—it could be that simple. 

Next, check your waterfall and/or stream entering the pond. Rocks tend to shift; liners tend to sag, especially if you’ve been stepping on them. Turn off the waterfall and see if the water continues to drop. This will tell you if the leak is there or in the pond itself. Check for wet spots in the earth around the perimeter. If everything checks out, let the water drop until it stops, and go around the water’s edge carefully inspecting until you find the leak. 

If the leak is in the bottom of the pond, there are two choices — remove your fish and drain it completely in order to do an effective repair. Or, use an underwater sealant and rubber patch (available at your local pond retailer).

Q. What do I use to patch holes in liners?

If you have an EPDM liner, you may use adhesive seaming tape or patch kits. These are available from most pond retailers that sell pond liners. The liner must be clean and dry, so start by cleaning the area with a cloth and pond water. For stubborn algae and sludge, use denatured alcohol, which will evaporate quickly. Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for applying the patch, which will generally be a two-part patching system.

Q. How should I prepare for a storm?

To be sure the water quality is relatively good, you may want to do a partial water change. If your electricity is off for several days, your fish will need to survive without filtration or water movement. Do not feed them before the storm. They will be able to survive for a week without feeding, but may be in more trouble if you continue to feed them without the benefit of filtration.

Q. Can animals like dogs, cats and wildlife drink from the pond?

Yes. Pond water is safe for all animals when properly maintained.

Q. Where can I buy TetraPond® products?

Tetra Pond products are sold through garden centers, pet retailers, pond specialty stores and direct mail order companies. For pricing and ordering information, please contact your local merchant. Most TetraPond dealers carry a wide assortment of TetraPond products and will gladly order any product not in stock. If your dealer has questions regarding the availability of Tetra Pond products, please ask them contact us for assistance. If you would like the phone number and address of a merchant or merchants near you, please call 1-800-526-0650.

You can also use our store locator on this website. Enter your zip code and get a complete list of dealers in your area along with maps and directions. You may wish to contact the dealer in advance to be certain they carry the TetraPond products you need.

There is also our online store, which has a selection of our most popularTetraPond products.

Q. How can I get more information about pond keeping?

Fortunately, there are many places to find information on pond keeping. For help and advice, there’s our pond season newsletter, Into the Pond. From March through October, it provides seasonal pond tips.  We also have a toll-free phone number and e-mail from our pond experts. Sign up in the newsletter link in the footer.

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Your local TetraPond® dealer
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