What’s the right home for your reptile or amphibian?

Building the right habitat or reptile enclosure for your pet makes all the difference in the world. To successfully build an environment that’s as realistically natural as possible, it’s important to first learn about the particular reptile or amphibian you’ll be purchasing so you understand its housing needs.

You’ll want to consider:
  • Potential adult size
  • Natural habitat
  • Activity level
  • Your available space
  • Your budget
The two most important factors in choosing your critter’s housing are his size and natural habitat.

Typically, there are four categories of housing for reptiles and amphibians:
    1. Woodlands/Rainforest Terrarium: Small salamanders, frogs, some skinks, lizards, turtles (box, wood)
    2. Desert: Desert toads, green toads, some lizards, geckos, tortoises
    3. Aquatic Terrarium: Aquatic frogs and toads (fire-bellied toads), newts, turtles (mata mata, soft shell)
    4. Semi-Aquatic Terrarium: Tree frogs, horned frogs, toads, fire salamanders, turtles (cooters, sliders, map), some snakes

    If you’re ready to get building and make a home for your herp, just click on the links above for step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions.

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