Success made easy™, Care for your fish inside and out.
Aquarium, tetra brand is proud to offer a comprehensive line of nutrition, water care, filtration and aquarium products designed to make fishkeeping simple and rewarding.
Terrarium, taking habitats to the next level.
Pond, everything you need to set up and maintain a beautiful pond.

About Tetra

Tetra® aquarium products are dedicated to helping seasoned hobbyists and beginners alike enjoy a successful, life-long aquatic experience. Tetra products build fish-, reptile- and pond-keeping confidence, one innovation at a time. Our Canadian range of nutrition, water care, filtration and aquarium products help make fishkeeping accessible to all hobbyists so you can benefit from its rewards.

Tetra 30-30-30 Aquarium Care

We’ve made it simple to maintain a beautiful clear tank without the stress. With the Tetra® 30-30-30 program and our handpicked supplies, taking care of your fish is as soothing as enjoying them.

Take just 30 minutes to follow these simple steps:

Maintenance Bucket

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