You’ll find a whole world of fascinating saltwater creatures. Here are just a few that are more suited for beginners.

Serene and peaceful, Blennys make great tankmates. They have a great personality and often find hiding places to observe what’s going on around them.

Butterfly Fish

More than a hundred Butterfly Fish species can be found in the ocean. You’ll find their coloring simply mesmerizing.

Chalk Bass

Great for small aquariums because of their size, this fish is well-suited for the saltwater newbie.


Perhaps the most recognizable saltwater fish (especially among children!), Clownfish are ideal beginner fish. They’re hardy, easy to care for and don’t require a large aquarium.

Coral Beauty Anglefish

Ironically, these fish are not coral fans. They do, however, enjoy having live rock in their tank to act as a hiding place. They thrive in larger tanks of 70 gallons or more.


This fish has a unique way of swimming: they slither, like a snake, back and forth, which carries them through the water.


These small, colorful fish are easygoing and get along well with other fish species.

Talbot's Damsel

Small and hardy, these fish can live a long life. They are somewhat aggressive toward other fish species, especially as they get older.


They come in a lot more colors than blue. Suited for larger tanks, 100 gallons or more, these beautiful fish play well with other species but can be aggressive toward other Tangs.

Watchman Goby

Some believe the Watchman Goby is one of the best beginner species for saltwater aquarium owners. While they are compatible with most other species, they can be somewhat aggressive with other gobies.


These fish love to hide among live rock and bury themselves in the sand. When they do make a showing, they get along with most fish species.


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