For a glimpse at the most popular types of fish for ponds and water gardens, read more here.
Black Moor

Has the body of a Fantail, has bulging eyes, and is black, as the name would suggest.


The most common goldfish. Has a long, slender body. Orange color, but can also be white and red which is called Sarassa.

Fan Tail

Perfect for water gardens, the goldfish-shaped shubunkin features a stunning pale blue background with flecks of red, black and blue.


Prized world-over for their vivid coloration, striking patterns, and longevity, Koi are actually the colored variety of the common carp. There are many colors, shapes, and types to choose from.


Very similar to the Oranda’s head shape and Fantail, but lacks a dorsal fin (the fin that runs down the back of a fish).


Short and plump like Fantails, but has bulging growths on its head, almost like a cap.


Identical shape to the Comet; instead has a base color of light blue, covered in patterns of darker blue, red, brown, white, or black.


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