5 ideas for the intermediate freshwater hobbyist

  Consider adding new species to your existing tank.
Just make sure your new pets are compatible with your current ones. 
Time for a décor makeover?
If your plants and décor are looking a bit faded and green, then, yes…it’s time. Brighten things up with lighted or even fluorescent plants and features.

See your aquarium in a whole new light.
There are more lighting options than ever. Highlight specific areas and enhance your fish with accented color. Or, keep things interesting with new color-changing LEDs.

Step up to a bigger size, shape or style tank.
Believe it or not, larger tanks are actually easier to take care of and better for the health of your fish, making this idea a win-win.

Get a second aquarium.
Bring your hobby to another part of your home, or even the workplace. Adding a second aquarium gives you a chance to try things you’ve always wanted to do differently, like switching to a new type of environment, trying a different type of fish (such as coldwater) or even changing your method of filtration.

Now that you have all the aquarium basics down pat, and maintaining and caring for your aquarium and pets has become routine it's time to shake things up. Here are five fresh ideas that will help breathe new life into your fishkeeping experience.

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