Color your aquarium in a whole new light

Introducing brilliant, beautiful ColorFusion Décor.

You’ve never seen anything like it! Tetra ColorFusion Color-Changing Décor and LEDs transform your aquarium into a unique, ethereal showpiece. Choose a coordinated theme from two stunning collections—theBlooming Collection and the Wonderland Collection—or mix and match to design the look you like.

The Tetra Blooming Collection White Anemone adds a finishing touch to your aquarium. This unique accessory pairs with Tetra Blooming Collection Plants and the Tetra ColorFusion Universal Color-Changing LED Light.
The Tetra ColorFusion Wonderland Mushroom Ornament automatically cycle the colors of the rainbow or pause on your favorite color.
LEDs light the mushroom from the bottom. Coordinates with Tetra® ColorFusion™ Wonderland Collection LED Jellyfish, the Wonderland Blue Anemone and Wonderland Plants.
The Tetra Wonderland Collection LED Color-Changing Jellyfish features Tetra ColorFusion LEDs that cycle the colors of the rainbow for an exciting and unique aquarium environment. This easy-to-use accessory coordinates with the Tetra Wonderland Collection LED Mushroom, the Wonderland Blue Anemone and Wonderland Plants. A built-in pause button allows you to pick your favorite color or to cycle the rainbow.
The Tetra ColorFusion Blooming Plants Add a finishing touch to your aquarium with four unique plants, One 6" Grass with Red Buds, One 2" Dahlia Flower, Two 4" Geraniums. When used with the ColorFusion™ LED light, these plants come to life as the LEDs cycle through the rainbow.
The LEDs do the work. You enjoy the show.

Our brilliant ColorFusion Color-Changing LED lights cycle the colors of the rainbow, shining a spectacular display of hues down on the ColorFusion décor and fish inside your aquarium. You can even use the integrated pause button to enjoy your favorite color! Plus, the ColorFusion jellyfish and mushroom contain built-in Color-Changing LEDs for a fantastic glow from the inside out.
The Wonderland Collection
  • Mushroom and jellyfish with built-in color-changing LEDs
  • Tall, ethereal plants and low-lying anemone for multiple design options

The Blooming Collection
  • Color-tipped white anemone
  • Small, medium and large flowers and plants for design variety

Decoration inspiration.

Every Tetra ColorFusion aquarium kit features a layout grid to help you design the perfect aquarium. This grid helps you decide how many ornaments, plants and anemones you will need, as well as the perfect place to put them.

Here are some simple tips for creating the most beautiful aquariums.
  1. Use a variety of small, medium and large plants.
  2. Place small plants in front of medium plants—and large plants at the back or sides.
  3. Arrange plants in odd numbers, such as 1s, 3s and 5s, for a more natural appearance.
  4. Mix different shades of greens and colors. Combine with interesting textures, too.
  5. Create a dramatic focal point using a single item, such as a white anemone or mushroom.
  6. Repeat some of the same plants throughout the aquarium for added balance.
  7. Cluster plants into several “pockets of beauty” rather than one large grouping.

Download several example layout grids.

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