"My Aquarium App is the reason we're successful!"

For our busy family, the app gives us a way to stay connected to our tank and provides the fast help we need to succeed. And now with the app’s new features, we know more about the fish we love and how to feed and care for them. My Aquarium app has been the ideal fish keeping companion for our family. It can help you be successful, too!

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NOW UPGRADED with New Features & Functions

Along with helping you care for your fish and maintain the health of your tank, the My Aquarium app now helps you learn more about your favorite fish and what they need to thrive. The app’s new features keep simplifying the experience:

Aquarium Set Up Guidance:
Get started on your aquatic journey with even greater success using the My Aquarium app. With it, you can now build your tank based on fish type or aquarium type. By selecting Goldfish or Cichlid, Marine or Reef, or whatever type of tank you’re building, the app will provide guidance and recommendations to help you maintain the healthiest possible aquarium.

Tankmate Recommendations:
Not all fish play well together. That’s why the My Aquarium app now provides species information to help you find perfect tankmates. As you add fish to your tank, the app will identify whether a species is a possible mismatch, so you can keep things friendly inside your aquarium.

Aquarium Capacity Recommendations:
Some fish are happier when they’re with friends, others are not. Also, the ideal amount of fish you should keep in an aquarium is based on the size of your tank. To help ensure your water quality stays balanced and healthy, the My Aquarium app now identifies if you have “too many” or “not enough” of a particular species.

Food Recommendations:
To ensure your fish get the nutrients they need to be vibrant and healthy, My Aquarium app provides food recommendations for each tank you own.

Meet the Bergmans
My Aquarium App from Tetra® Brand makes aquarium maintenance more manageable than ever and puts fishkeeping expertise right at your fingertips. Just ask the Bergmans, a big, busy family with a beautiful, healthy aquarium. Thanks, of course, to the My Aquarium app.

If you’re new to fish keeping and want a complete program that simplifies building, feeding and caring for your aquarium and pets, download the My Aquarium app free from the App Store, Google Play or Amazon.com. With it, knowing what to do and when to do it has never been easier. In addition to helping you manage your food, filters, water care products and equipment inventory, My Aquarium app also identifies which products you’ll need for dosing.

"Water testing simplified"

When it comes to water care, the app removes the guesswork. You get a diagnosis almost instantly along with recommendations and dosing solutions to resolve any water quality issue quickly, efficiently and effectively.

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Whatever you need to keep your aquarium in tip-top condition, from intelligent diagnosis to instant recommendations, the app puts aquarium expertise in the palm of your hands.

Here when you need us

The My Aquarium app puts you one tap away from Tetra® Brand’s Customer Service website page. If you need help with the app or any products, or if you have any questions about fish keeping in general, we’re here when you need us.

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