Ponds 101 – How to construct a pond the right way

Now that you've started planning your pond...let's get to it.

Our Building Your Pond guide section helps you get your ideas and concepts together, and provides a step-by-step education on what you need to build a beautiful water garden. It’s really not difficult with the right tools and instructions. How do you go about actually constructing your pond? We can help!

First, we recommend you visit our Product Catalog to familiarize yourself with our full line of pond products mentioned in the Building Your Pond pages. Then, head over to your local water gardening store, or a DIY lawn and garden store, for a visit. You'll find a selection of liners, pumps, filtration and decor to use for your pond.

Download and print out our Constructing Your Pond Guides to use as a reference. These simple, step-by-step guides walk you through what you need to do, from excavation to adding plants.

Recommended Product Buying Guide
We also have Recommended Product Listings of some of our most popular equipment combinations. These PDF downloads can help you figure out what you'll need as well, depending on what you've decided to build.

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