Step 1: Where to put a pond?

You’ll want to build your water garden where your family and friends can enjoy it most, such as next to your deck or patio. Choose a site that you can see from a room where you spend much of your time, such as a family room, deck, sun room or kitchen.

In addition to location, consider the distance from your house. Keep in mind that you will need an electric source to operate your pump and filtration, so underground conduit will be needed in many cases. Also, think about the path you will take to your pond.

Step 1 of pond building is choosing where to put a pond location.Sunlight:
Ideally, you should locate your water garden where it will receive five to six hours of sunlight so the water plants can thrive.

More than six hours of sunlight may lead to excessive algae growth. If that is your only option, however, there are other ways to control algae—you will learn about those in other areas of this website.

You can build a water garden in the shade, but plants such as water lilies may not grow and bloom as well as others that are more suitable for low-light conditions. When purchasing aquatic plants, it is best to do some research or ask your pond retailer for the plant’s specific lighting needs.
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