Step 6: How to choose a pump for a pond waterfall

Choose a pump that:

  • Circulates at least your entire pond volume in one hour.
  • Is slightly more powerful than your needs to compensate for some loss due to friction in tubing and filtration components. A larger pump will also allow you to add water features in the future.
  • Is powerful enough to create the desired waterfall or fountain effect.

You can find TetraPond Pumps here.

Pump Performance for Waterfalls

The higher the top of the waterfall is from the pond surface, the weaker the flow. That’s because gravity requires your pump to exert more power upward in order to maintain good flow down from the waterfall.

Example: A WGP1000 pump will yield 900 GPH at 3 feet high, yielding a 9-inch wide waterfall.

Steps for Choosing Your Waterfall Pump
  1. Determine how high your waterfall will be from the pond surface.
  2. Decide approximately how wide you want your waterfall flow to be.

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