Step 8: Connecting equipment with pond tubing

We have various size pumps, with various tubing requirements:

  1. Choose the correct size tubing to fit your pump. Check the packaging specific to the pump. It will list the size of the inlet and outlet so you can purchase the correct size tubing.
  2. Tip: Some Tetra pumps have more than one tubing fitting. To maximize water flow, choose the largest fitting and match it with the tubing.
  3. Cut the lengths of tubing. Place your equipment components – pump, filter, UV, spitter, etc. roughly in position. Using a tape measure (or string for uneven surfaces), measure the distance between components and cut the hose lengths according to what is needed.
  4. Connect tubing to filters and UV Clarifier
  5. Attach the tubing you selected for your pump to the intake of your filter or UV Clarifier.
  6. Match tubing with Fountain Set or Diverter Set
    Please note: No tubing is needed when using the Tetra filtration kits, unless you’re using statuary or waterfalls.

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