Brilliant inspiration: lighting options & decoration ideas for your pond

If you think relaxing by your pond during the day is fun, try it at night—it's an entirely different experience!

Low-voltage lighting has come a long way, and there are lots of different styles to fit your landscape. It's easy to install and inexpensive to operate.

LED (light-emitting diodes) lighting is reaching new levels of sophistication, and consumers are seeing more and more options becoming available. LED technology offers clean, bright light efficiently, not only in the minimal amount of space it requires, but more important, in the amount of electricity it uses. LEDs operate at only a fraction of the cost of standard incandescent lighting.

This season you can look forward to new pond lighting options in traditional applications such as underwater LEDs, floating lights, spotlights, and patio accent lighting. Lights along leading pathways or outlining a seating area will add both safety and beauty. Accent spotlights on focal points such as waterfalls, floral areas, rock formations, or the underside of overhanging trees can be very dramatic. Underwater spotlights are also available and can turn your waterfall or fountain into a dazzling display.

Make a note now to sit down and sketch out some ideas. Just be careful and don’t over-light your water garden. Many light sets come with colored lenses, though some believe white still looks the best on water features and landscape highlights, while blue or green lenses work well underwater to create a soothing glow.
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