Pond equipment glitch?

There’s a good chance you can fix it yourself.
Having some filter or equipment issues? Not to worry. The glitch may be easier to fix than you think. Here are some easy tips to try to get things back in order.

The Glitch: Diminished water flow

The Fix: If your waterfall has slowed, your spitter isn’t spitting, or your pump sounds like it is bogging down, here are some suggestions on how to get things flowing again:
  • Clean your filter pads or sponge filters, or back-flush your filter media.
  • If your pump has a strainer basket, remove and clean it.
  • If your pump has an impeller, remove and clean it.
  • Look for an obstruction, such as leaves on top of your pump intake or pickup tube.
  • Check tubing for leaks and/or blockages.
  • Check your hose fittings for leaks—using a hose clamp for a more secure fitting is recommended.

The Glitch: Pump has stopped working completely

The Fix: Remove the impeller and soak it in distilled white vinegar while cleaning the impeller reservoir with vinegar and a Q-tip®.

The Glitch: Won’t start after taking it out of storage

The Fix:
If you live in a cold region, keep your pump stored in a bucket of water for the winter to keep the seals moist and free moving. If you didn’t store it this way, be sure to soak the pump in a bucket of water to loosen the impeller and plug it in to test it before submerging it in your pond. If it’s still stuck, remove the impeller and clean it so that it turns freely when reassembled.
The Glitch:
You have a UV clarifier, yet you’re still experiencing green water

The Fix: It may be time to change your UV bulb—two seasons or eleven months should be the max. If the UV bulb is fine, then see our section on Green Algae.

Remove the quartz sleeve or glass tube carefully from the housing. Using distilled white vinegar, hot water, and a soft cloth, thoroughly clean the sleeve removing all minerals, smudges, algae, etc. Dry carefully and re-insert into the housing. Be sure to not leave finger smudges for best clarity results.

Reminder: Make sure your pump and filter are properly sized for your pond. Good water circulation is critical. Using the 50 percent circulation rule: The pump should circulate the entire volume of the pond at least every two hours. So, if you have a 1,000-gallon pond, you need a pump that will discharge back to the pond at least 500 gallons per hour.
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