Tetra 30-30-30 Aquarium Care

We've made it simple to maintain a beautiful clear tank without the stress. With Tetra's 30-30-30 program and our handpicked supplies, taking care of your fish is as soothing as enjoying them.

Take 30 Minutes
Every 30 days
Replace 30% of your water
WaterReplacementKit wave

Take just 30 minutes to follow these simple steps.


Before you get started be sure to
unplug all aquarium equipment


Siphon your gravel clean, removing
only 30% of your tank's water.


Dispose of siphoned water into toilet
or flower garden. Never dump water
into a sink used around food
preparation, or into storm drains or
natural waterways.


Remove and rinse all fake plants and
decor under fresh water. Return them
to the tank.


Fill water bucket with clean, room
temperature water. Treat with Tetra®
AquaSafe® before adding this water
to the Aquarium


Add your Tetra® water care products,
Tetra® EasyBalance® and Tetra®
cleaning Bacteria, into the tank.


Change filter. Use the Tetra® Whisper
Medium bio bag for a 10 gallon tank
or the Tetra® Whisper Large bio bag
for a 20 gallon tank.


Plug your equipment back in, sit back,
and take in all the beauty of your
freshly cleaned aquarium.


Get everything you need with a stress free regimen, using 30-30-30 to help guide you!

We have everything needed to make it easier than ever to care for your tank. And before you journey off to find your inner Tetra, remember the larger the tank, the easier it is to keep clean.


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